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What can we say for Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Kamlesh and their team....!! Simply amazing... OnDLine Infotech is a wonderful company to be associated with from over an year now..The service is simply outstanding, be it day or night , these guys are ready to help you out with any issues..They are a focused lot with the right mindset and a committed attitude to delivery high quality timely service to their clients...We would really like to thank you guys for being a wonderful support throughout both on professional front as well as on the informal front.Hope to continue this journey a long way in future..Our best wishes with you all and always be the way u are ....OnDLine, Supportive , Amazing and Cheerful !! Kudos to u alll..... Rock on !!!!!
Sunil Shah

We thank the full team of OnDLine Infotech for their cooperation -- and we have really appreciated their services ... We would like to refer them to our friends and business partners in future -- We hope them good luck and sure they cooperate on our website in future too --
Best Regards,
Sanjay Kumar, theindiaholidays.com
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Industrial Training in .net, SQL & many more...

Why Industrial Training?  
Technologies Covered  
• Client - Server Model
Industrial Training
for 3 months.
Industrial training will be in
mssql 2005
visual studio 2008
• Ajax
• All Controls
• Master Pages
• Nested Controls
• Session & Cookies
• Global.asax, Web.config
• User Control
• File functions
Desktop Applications
SQL Server 2005
• Stored Procedure
» Using While
» Nested Stored Procedure
» Using Error Handling
» Using Sub-Queries
» Using if-else
» Using temporary tables
• Normalisation
• Planning Project Database
• Joins
» Using various type of Joins
• Transaction
• Creating User & Giving     Permission
• Views
• Rules
• Referential Integrity
• Triggers
Use Case Diagrams
OOPS Concepts
HTML, CSS and Javascripts
Version Controlling
• Sub Version
• Tortoise SVN

Terms and Conditions

We do not give any guarantee regarding placements. But this training programme is to expertise you in structuring, planning, implementing and testing of the complex and giant software projects.

Candidates will be working with live projects, hence are bound to the rules and regulations of the company.

If company's rules and regulations are not followed, company is free to terminate your training without any prior notice.

Candidates are not allowed to adjust the batches and should be on time.

  About Us
Being in IT market for over 6 years OnDLine infotech is one of well recognized web development Corporate trade name, which deliver solution to any web services convolution to our clients all over the globe. We have teams of accomplished, expert and capable IT professionals.
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Software Development
Website Designing
E-Commerce Solutions
Web Portal Development
Search Engine Optimization
Web Programming
Web Hosting
E-Brochure Designing
Corporate Identity
Multimedia and Flash
Mobile Website Designing

  Website Designing
In OnDLine Infotech we offer you excellent and skillful web design, development, and maintenance of Your Website. Our well experienced and professional web designers give your website a creative and corporate look which makes your product or services more attractive.
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